2 Year Obsession

My 2 Year Obsession

On my family vacation, in August 2013, I brought along a book I was reading at the time; so that I had something to do. The book was “Chose Yourself” by James Altucher.  In the book, James talks about the daily practice of good habits. One of those habits is writing down 10 ideas a day, no matter if they’re good or bad. Well I had been doing this for a couple of weeks with marginal results, but now I was on vacation and I would take a break from it and just read more of the book.  And then it hit me – a great idea, an amazing idea – my new obsession. It felt like I had just come up for a great hook for a new song.

What kind of book would I like to read? How about a book with extended interviews with the best electric guitar players in the world, discussing, in great detail all the aspects, and often over looked points involved in carving out an original sound, a signature style and great tone recognized the world over. It would be about getting inside their brains and verbalizing difficult abstract concepts. And then alongside these masters (wizards) would be interviews with preeminent builders and makers of the guitar gear (guitar, amps and pedals) these players use to make their amazing music and tones, learning their insights, secrets and lessons learned.

I said to myself “This is the book I want to read, but it does not exist, so I will be the one to write it.” My vacation had just started but I could not wait to get home to being working out the details and a plan for how to approach it. I remember the precise moment I had this idea, it is now a core memory burned into my brain; driving through the Arizona desert on my way to the Grand Canyon. Two years later, in September 2015, I released this book, called “Tone Wizards”. It was a lot of work. I don’t know many hours I spent on this project, but in the end my vision was realized, driven by the energy of being obsessed by an idea.

Follow the link below to check out the book  and read what others have had to say about it:

“Tone Wizards: Interviews With Top Guitarists and Gear Gurus On the Quest For The Ultimate Sound”