20th Century Guitar Curtis CD Review
March 2001

Released at the end of the ‘90s, the self titled CD from L.A.-based guitarist Curtis Fornadley. Clearly influenced by the eclectic playing of Jimi Hendrix, Curtis also sports well chosen influences such as David Gilmour, Jeff Beck and Carlos Santana. A top-notch composite of both chops and convincing musical moves, Curtis demonstrates the guitarist’s impressive skills both as a guitar stylist and composer. Moving easily between polished jazz-rock, a melodic guitar groove and a bluesy shade of rock, Curtis is loaded with one tasty guitar instrumental after another. There’s even a couple of vocal cuts featuring Fornadley’s commendable vocal skills. Featuring an array of melodic arrangements, Curtis also takes in a well chosen cover of Michel Legrand’s “The Summer Knows”. Demonstrating his inspiring know-how on guitars, vocals, bass and keyboards, Curtis receives kindred support from Scott Shepherd and Steve Baur (drums) and Dan Mouck (bass). Guaranteed to take you there and back on a sonic roller coaster, Curtis is a rock solid, mostly instrumental guitar album packed with all the right musical moves.

-Robert Silverstein