20th Century Guitar Room 137 CD Review
May 2001

Continuing his phenomenal capacity to integrate jazz, rock and even pop instrumental and soundtrack music, California-based guitarist Curtis Fornadley returns with his new album. The cryptically titled Room 137 recommences the fine fretboard work featured on the guitarist’s self-titled ‘99 release. Curtis often cites a number of influences on his playing and composing – from Jeff Beck and Hendrix to the moody atmospherics of David Gilmour and Pink Floyd. On that front, Curtis does not disappoint with Room 137. Recorded in L.A. at the end of 2000, Room 137 finds Curtis in fine company with Scott Shepherd (drums) and Don Mouck (bass). Perhaps the most intriguing thing about Room 137 is it’s wide range of guitar sounds and styles. It’s got a jazzy feel, yet it’s firmly anchored with an up-to-date, high-tech studio feel. It’s got a rock vibe, yet it doesn’t waste notes and clearly benefits from added attention to melody and arrangement that goes way beyond most instrumental and heavy metal guitar CDs. Among the Curtis originals is a groovy cover of the Duke Ellington favorite, “Caravan”. Innovative guitar music that rocks, rolls and moves your spirit, Room 137 further establishes Curtis as a main player on the instrumental guitar front.

-Robert Silverstein