Coffee With Curtis

Coffee With Curtis

Coffee Mugs Featuring Curtis Album Cover Art

One of my early musical memories, during the glory days of vinyl records, was the fascination with gazing at album covers and reading all the liner notes contained within them. This visual experience complemented my listening experience. Even if i was not studying the cover, it would be visible, propped up near the turntable. Now, with so much of our music being virtual and in the cloud, that visual experience is practically gone. Album cover art is still created but it is not the same. Our listening habits have also changed and it is less of a ritual than it once was.

I was contemplating all this recently, as I was engaging in one of my long-lived remaining rituals: my morning coffee. I have coffee every day without fail. Last week it came to me, wouldn’t it be great to have my favorite album cover art on my coffee cup; or… how about my own album art? Branded coffee cups are nothing new, but the idea of presenting all of my album cover art on mugs is, and is now achievable with modern print on-demand services. I am very proud of all the album covers I have released. A great deal of thought and work went into each one, and I would not change any of them; no regrets.

I am hopeful that others will enjoy having one of these custom coffee mugs. I have opened a new Merch store where I offer these Curtis Mugs for sale. The direct link to my store is: it is also linked off my main web site under Merch.

Today is 12/8/2022 and we are rapidly approaching the end of 2022. I had planned to have my next full album completed and out in 2022. Life happens and I did not meet this goal. I am close to completing it, so a release in 2023 is looking good. I am going back and forth on whether I will press some vinyl on this release, maybe it will depend on if I can come up with a visually stunning cover, lol, either way I will put it on a coffee mug.