Curtis Fornadley

If You Love Music Loaded with Inspiring Guitar Playing Then Check Out This Guitarist.

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Here is what others are saying about Curtis Fornadley:

  • Curtis Fan“It’s so hard to find great guitar music, let alone a good solo anymore. Curtis definitely goes for it with his solos. The songs are well-written and entertaining and the variety of styles keeps it interesting”
  • Steve Vai – “I got your Resonance CD… “Where There is Water There’s Life” is fantastic. Great tone, nice melody and phrasing.”
  • Curtis Fan“I listened to your music and was quite impressed as you have established a signature sound, so many of your songs sound, well, like classic Curtis. Your style is complex and incorporates so many genres, which sets you aside from most guitarists. Resonance is a fine collection that I have now memorized. Thanks for your talent, can’t wait for some more.”
  • Joe Satriani at the Guitar Superstar competition: “…Good performance and loved the scratching thing”
  • Curtis Fan“I have his previous three CD’s, ‘Curtis’, ‘Room 137’ and ‘ Blue Electric Cool’ and I think all three are terrific. I wait patiently for the next, thinking that more of the same will do me fine. So what happens? It arrives and I am blown away! This is the best so far and as I say above that is really saying something! It rocks”.
  • DoFret Review“His style is somewhat difficult to categorize, as I think he may have achieved one of the Holy Grails of guitar playing – that of having his own voice on the instrument.”
  • Steve Lukather at the Guitar Superstar competition: “…that was really impressive… great composition and killer groove… that was awesome.”
  • Guitar Player Magazine “Curtis, whose debt to Jeff Beck and Eric Johnson is readily apparent offers up a blues-jazz-rock hybrid.”

For a limited time Curtis is giving away two tracks from his new album “A Half Step Away”, “Driving in the Rain” and “Black Licorice”.

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