Music For Sync

Production Music for Film, TV, Internet and Games

Curtis Fornadley Guitarist – Producer – Composer

I am an established music producer specializing in genres that feature guitar. I am consistently expanding my repertoire while striving to serve the TV/Film licensing community with my music.
I own all the rights to my music and these tracks are available for exclusive licensing. Stems and instrumental versions of vocal tracks are available upon request.

High Energy, Upbeat, Groove

  • Shaken, Not Stirred – Heavy Rock, dynamic, exciting spy theme a la James Bond.
  • Santa Ana Surf  Modern Surf rock.
  • Do It – Groove rock, with talk box guitar.
  • Bad Habits – Raw, electric, bluesy rock, male vocal
  • Black Licorice – Organic rock with shifting textures
  • You Never Know – Rock shuffle beat
  • Turn 3 – Fast, High Energy Rock with horn section (yes, real horns)
  • Living Your Best Life – Upbeat Anthem rock

Chill, Sensual, Psychedelic, Reflective, Moody

  • Moth To The Flame – Melodic, lyrical, bittersweet, timeless rock, female vocal.
  • Driving In The Rain – Hypnotic rock track with a blusey vibe.
  • You Resonate My World – Moody and slightly Psychedelic.
  • Hindsight – Laid back but solid groove.
  • I Want You To Show Me – Lo Fi vibes.
  • That Just Ain’t So – Lo Fi vibes.
  • A Final Peace For Jeff – Poignant tribute to Jeff Becks melodic style.