Blue Electric Cool

Blue Electric Cool CD cover


  1. Spanish Surf
    Herb Albert meets Eric Johnson. The blend of the trumpet and the guitar on this track will conjure images of an exciting visit to an exotic land. Writing this was escapism for me. The melody reminds me of something Sting might write.
  2. Street Walkin’
    This tune evolved out of my initial experiments in Acid Jazz. The mixture of influences and sounds should appeal to a wide variety of people; something for everyone. The groovy loops inspired the funky R&B rhythm guitar and horn parts. No samples here; the real horn section puts this tune over the top. Rob did a cool video for this tune check it out at Street Walkin’ video
  3. Fire in Her Eyes
    This track evolved out of a tune I wrote years ago about a seductive temptress that would not be tamed. After reworking, it turned into a surf, spaghetti western rave up. This tune conjures up many memories as I listen back. I had a great time layering the guitar parts; and learning how to whistle; yes that’s me whistling on the choruses.
  4. Nothing Can Bother Us Now
    This tune has written from a very peaceful place in my mind and actually came together fairly quickly. I love how the tune builds from a whisper to a roar yet still maintains that mediation quality. This is what smooth jazz should be; relaxing without being saccharin.
  5. Spy vs. Spy

    This tune was the last tune written for the record and came together pretty fast. I wrote this as a tribute to my love of John Barry’s James Bonds music. Can you hear it being played while the credits roll on the next James Bond film? It has a heavy industrial feel while still remaining melodic and rockin.
  6. Rollercoaster

    This song came to being just days before 9/11. The original title was ADHD, which we all felt like we had after 9/11. Rob did a great video for this tune check it out at Rollercoaster video
  7. Pirate

    I had the chorus for this tune kicking around for a while. A friend of mine thought it sounded like a pirate song so that is where the title came from. The reggae rhythms always get people’s feet tapping on this catchy tune. The steel drum adds to the tropical feel; get a Mai Tai and kick back.
  8. Tasty Burger

    This quirky tune came about after my brain somehow linked Homer Simpson’s love of burgers with the movie “Pulp Fiction”. I tend to find pleasure in associating very different things. The groovy rhythm guitar part reminds me of something Prince might play. The wah-wah guitar melody suits this greasy tune and the real horn section adds a cool R&B flavor. Hats off to Rick Jelinek for doing a great Homer Simpson voice. Samuel Jackson was sampled from the movie.
  9. Race with Jesus on PCH

    As the title suggests the tune is a tip of the hat to Al Di Meola. This will appeal to the fusion fans out there.
  10. Acid Exp #2

    This tune is a favorite of mine and still takes me to another place when I listen to it. Close your eyes and enjoy the psychedelic wave that will flow through your ears and into your mind. Add this tune to your late night chill playlist.
  11. Weapons of Mass Destruction

    A very experimental tune. I spent a lot of hours finding and lining up the right GWB and JFK sound bites. Liberals and Conservatives both seem to like this tune. It is more of a “think piece” than a pro or con statement. Be sure to view Rob’s brilliant video to this tune Weapons of Mass Destruction video
  12. Blue Electric Cool

    This started out as a long, fun, spontaneous jam and was never intended to go any farther than the studio. The overall vibe of the tune was so cool the band developed a great affection for it. After editing the take from eleven minutes down to seven we decided to include it on the CD. This represents some of our most spontaneous playing.
  13. Good Night

    This tune was written as a lullaby for my daughter and provides a nice cool down for the end of the CD. The main guitar part is played entirely with artificial harmonics and is very difficult to play without missing a note or two.