Music for Film, TV, Internet and Games

The music of Curtis is very visual and well suited for Film and TV. The audio samples below include a tip sheet describing the sonic vibe of each tune. Discover the various moods and range of Curtis as a composer and instrumentalist by making a selection from the drop down box below.

“Good Times, Party, Bluesy, Upbeat, Freedom”

  • Indian Summer

    Eric Johnson type shuffle, very memorable tune – summer vacation, beach, laid back. This tune was used in a Nikon camera product demo check it out here
  • Leaping Gnome
    Light Jazz Bossa-Nova feel, Happy go lucky, playful, quirky
  • Carrots and Grapes
    Rock-a-Billy Guitar Rave-up Brian Stezer meets Les Paul, good times, party
  • Open Road
    radio ready instrumental – driving scene with top down, a feeling of freedom
  • Spanish Surf
    Herb Albert meets Eric Johnson. radio ready instrumental – driving scene with top down, a feeling of freedom
  • Pirate

    Rock/Reggae feel – island vacation
  • Street Walkin’
    Groove Rock, Acid Jazz – good times, dancing, partying, XSports
  • Cookie Monster
    Groove Rock – good times, dancing, partying, Sports
  • Room 137
    Instrumental Rock upbeat, strong melody, flying, sailing

“Aggressive, Sports, Action, Chase”

  • Spy vs. Spy

    Industrial Rocker with electronica – next Bond/Bourne theme, spy, police drama, XSports, Football. I wrote this as a tribute to my love of John Barry’s James Bonds music.
  • Turn 3
    This High Energy Rock tune includes a “Tower of Power” style horn section (yes, real horns). “Turn 3” is a reference to NASCAR and suits the fast pace and exciting feeling of the music.
  • Out of the Shell
    Sports – Curtis was a finalist in Guitar Player Magazines Guitar Superstar competition 2007. This is the song he performed. Note: the turntable style scratching performed on the guitar
  • Super Sonic
    Great grove rocker, Jeff Beck over tones good times, dancing, partying, XSports
  • Starting at Infinity

    High energy rocker ala Joe Satrinai – car racing, sports, downhill luge,sking, boarding, chase scene
  • Simmer Down

    Straight ahead rocker ala Steve Vai or “Hot for Teacher” sports, X-Sports, car commercials
  • Rollercoaster

    High Energy Rocker – car racing, sports, downhill luge,sking, boarding, chase scene
  • Fire in Her Eyes
    urf, spaghetti western, rave up – surfing, boarding

“Sensual, Seductive, Psychedelic, Reflective, Surreal, Moody”

  • Acid Exp #2

    Acid Jazz sensual, seductive sound, psychedelic – mystery, drama, CSI, Cold Case, late night chill playlist.
  • 10 Years

    Moody ballad, haunting melodies with Pat Metheny over tones – mystery, drama, CSI
  • Nothing Can Bother Us Now
    Smooth Acid Jazz – drama, love, peaceful scene
  • Blue Electric Cool

    Prog Rock/Jazz – a musical trip – aerial footage
  • Full Moon March
    Haunting Blues March with slide guitar,New Orleans Voodoo
  • Playas del Cocos
    Lounge Surf, beach, tropical, Wes Montgomery cool

Solo Guitar

  • Good Night

    Solo guitar lullaby – mellow reflective scene
  • Wandering Spirit
    A classic car driving down an open road