Music for Film and TV

Music for Film, TV, Internet and Games

The music of Curtis is very visual and well suited for Film and TV. The audio samples below include a tip sheet describing the sonic vibe of each tune. Discover the various moods and range of Curtis as a composer and instrumentalist by making a selection from the drop down box below.

“Good Times, Party, Bluesy, Upbeat, Freedom”

  • Indian Summer

    Eric Johnson type shuffle, very memorable tune – summer vacation, beach, laid back. This tune was used in a Nikon camera product demo check it out here
  • Leaping Gnome
    Light Jazz Bossa-Nova feel, Happy go lucky, playful, quirky
  • Carrots and Grapes
    Rock-a-Billy Guitar Rave-up Brian Stezer meets Les Paul, good times, party
  • Open Road
    radio ready instrumental – driving scene with top down, a feeling of freedom
  • Spanish Surf
    Herb Albert meets Eric Johnson. radio ready instrumental – driving scene with top down, a feeling of freedom
  • Pirate

    Rock/Reggae feel – island vacation
  • Street Walkin’
    Groove Rock, Acid Jazz – good times, dancing, partying, XSports
  • Cookie Monster
    Groove Rock – good times, dancing, partying, Sports
  • Room 137
    Instrumental Rock upbeat, strong melody, flying, sailing

“Aggressive, Sports, Action, Chase”

  • Spy vs. Spy

    Industrial Rocker with electronica – next Bond/Bourne theme, spy, police drama, XSports, Football. I wrote this as a tribute to my love of John Barry’s James Bonds music.
  • Turn 3
    This High Energy Rock tune includes a “Tower of Power” style horn section (yes, real horns). “Turn 3” is a reference to NASCAR and suits the fast pace and exciting feeling of the music.
  • Out of the Shell
    Sports – Curtis was a finalist in Guitar Player Magazines Guitar Superstar competition 2007. This is the song he performed. Note: the turntable style scratching performed on the guitar
  • Super Sonic
    Great grove rocker, Jeff Beck over tones good times, dancing, partying, XSports
  • Starting at Infinity

    High energy rocker ala Joe Satrinai – car racing, sports, downhill luge,sking, boarding, chase scene
  • Simmer Down

    Straight ahead rocker ala Steve Vai or “Hot for Teacher” sports, X-Sports, car commercials
  • Rollercoaster

    High Energy Rocker – car racing, sports, downhill luge,sking, boarding, chase scene
  • Fire in Her Eyes
    urf, spaghetti western, rave up – surfing, boarding

“Sensual, Seductive, Psychedelic, Reflective, Surreal, Moody”

  • Acid Exp #2

    Acid Jazz sensual, seductive sound, psychedelic – mystery, drama, CSI, Cold Case, late night chill playlist.
  • 10 Years

    Moody ballad, haunting melodies with Pat Metheny over tones – mystery, drama, CSI
  • Nothing Can Bother Us Now
    Smooth Acid Jazz – drama, love, peaceful scene
  • Blue Electric Cool

    Prog Rock/Jazz – a musical trip – aerial footage
  • Full Moon March
    Haunting Blues March with slide guitar,New Orleans Voodoo
  • Playas del Cocos
    Lounge Surf, beach, tropical, Wes Montgomery cool

Solo Guitar

  • Good Night

    Solo guitar lullaby – mellow reflective scene
  • Wandering Spirit
    A classic car driving down an open road