Out of the Shell

Out of the Shell CD cover


  1. Out of the Shell

    This tune was performed at Guitar Player Magazines GH07 and features turn table style scratching performed on the guitar. This tunes was an experiment in thinking outside the box.

  2. Super Sonic

    Feeling tired need a shot of kinetic energy? crack this one up.

  3. Cookie Monster

    As I was developing this tune my daughter was learning to talk. One of her favorite things to say was “Cookie Monster”, like the Sesame Street character. The feel of this tune reminds you not to take yourself too seriously.

  4. Open Road

    The next time you are day dreaming of breaking free from the monotonous shackles of working and making your dreams come true take a long car ride with this tune blasting.

  5. Charade

    I have always loved the haunting melody of this Henry Mancini tune. I tried doing this with the band but it worked much better on solo jazz guitar ala Joe Pass

  6. Starting at Infinity

    I wrote this at the beach, staring at the ocean horizon on a crystal clear day, contemplating the universe. We see so much, but understand so little.

  7. Indian Summer

    I was listening to the Beach Boys “God Only Knows” I was inspired by the words and the message. “Indian Summer” is the result, even thou it sounds nothing like the inspiration.
    This tune was used in a Nikon camera product demo check it out here

  8. Simmer Down

    This tune evolved from jamming with the band on the main riff. It is a bit of a show off tune; no deep meaning just a fun rocker.

  9. Apache

    This classic instrumental was made famous by the “Shadows” and has always been a favorite of mine. Our performance is a bit more aggressive but still captures the the mood and dynamics of the original.

  10. 10 Years

    This tune was written when I found out my wife was pregnant with my son and was originally called “The Unknown”. The tune was completed as I reflected on the 10th year since my mothers passing and the sadness of her never knowing my children.