Reviews and Interviews

Guitar Club Magazine Interview by Steve Rosen, Feb 2018

Guitar Radio Show Episode 194 – Curtis Fornadley- “Resonance”, Jan. 2018

Guitarz Forever Interview, Jan. 2018

Guitar Player Magazine Featured Artist, Oct. 2017

Resonance Press Release 2017
Guru Guitar Player And Celebrated Author Of The Critically Acclaimed Book “Tone Wizards” Curtis Fornadley Will Be Releasing His 5th CD “Resonance” 10-10-17 – Tone Wizards book review and Interview with Curtis Fornadley
“Tone Wizards is a must-read for guitarists and music fans” Featured Artist – April 2014 
“A big smile and a ton of talent.”
DoFret Review of “Out of the Shell” 
“His style is somewhat difficult to categorize, as I think he may have achieved one of the Holy Grails of guitar playing – that of having his own voice on the instrument.”
Guitar Player Magazine – February 2008
“Curtis Fornadley punctuated his beautiful melodies by “scratching” the guitar against his chest.”
Guitar Player Magazine – March 2007
“Curtis Fornadley whose debt to Jeff Beck and Eric Johnson is readily apparent offers up a blues-jazz-rock hybrid..”
Guitar Player Magazine
“What a dizzying ride! Fornadley barely lifts his foot off the gas throughout his onslaught of licks, riffs, bends, and Beck-isms—and the hyperkinetic vortex is further intensified by bubbling, gurgling loops pulsing under a relentless groove—but, like any good thrill, the adrenalin spike is well worth subjecting your ears to such a maelstrom.”
A Jazz Scene – Blue Electric Cool CD review
“unique set of fired-up guitar adventures..”
Jazz – Blue Electric Cool CD review
“a distinctive marriage between R&B, rock, fusion jazz, avante garde and ’60s styled surf” – Blue Electric Cool CD review
“…won me over with its sustained high quality musicianship, strong composition and occasional bold strokes”
Southland Blues – Room 137 CD review
“Curtis mixes the Ventures with the X-Files in one well-recorded package”
20th Century Guitar – Room 137 CD Review
“melody and arrangement that goes way beyond most instrumental guitar CDs”
20th Century Guitar – Curtis CD Review
“demonstrates the guitarist’s impressive skills both as a guitar stylist and composer”
Guitar World – Curtis CD Review
“His sound is all his own, floating between jazz and rock.”
L.A. Times – An interview with Curtis
“a terrific guitar player–a guitar player’s guitar player even.”
Music Connection Club Reviews
“This is one artist who clearly communicates his message through his music”
LA Jazz Scene – Curtis CD Review
“His sound carries with it echoes of the instrument that almost everyone has wanted to play”

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