L.A. Jazz Scene “Blue Electric Cool” CD Review

L.A. Jazz Scene October 2005

Electric guitarist Curtis Fornadley fires up his band for an adventurous foray into pop/rock territory with a session of his own compositions.
Reaching back to the 1950s and ’60s for many of his ideas, Fornadley stretches out with the kind of energy that remains timeless in our mind’s eye. His hip guitar lines appear as if generated from a battery of portable AM radios in neighborhood zones, as Fornadley reaches out to all of us with a common approach that transcends geographical borders. His brand of rock and pop music has traveled around the world.
“Fire in Her Eyes” recalls the popularity that Mason Williams generated decades ago when he introduced a touch of class to the instrumental pop music sphere. Fornadley has the same ability. He releases crystal clear fusillades that pepper the air with excitement, as his lyrical accuracy creates pleasant landscapes. “Nothing Can Bother Us Now” counters with a smooth jazz happening that settles in comfortably, like a romantic couple parking by the fireplace. Here, his guitar takes on a velvety luster fit for soothing the pain.
“Blue Electric Cool” sizzles with more smooth jazz authority. “Weapons of Mass Destruction” fires away with a poignant statement designed to alarm.
“Race with Jesus on PCH” applies a heavy dose of surf guitar to the program; while “Tasty Burger” moves light and comical, like a humorous television sitcom spot. With this latest of his eclectic albums, Fornadley gives us a unique set of fired-up guitar adventures.

by Jim Santella